Transitional Life Coaching


QUEST Community Counseling (The parent company of THE College Prep Camp) is NOW OFFERING Transitional Life Coaching

QUEST is now offering structured services to young adults who are moving away from home for the first time and are transitioning into an academic setting. QUEST Clinicians work to provide skills based techniques that target and resolve the typical college challenges.

Life Coaching Packages :

College Prep Package:

The College Prep Package is a 5-session package for students who have not yet left the nest. This package aims to prepare the college student for the mental and emotional transition that lies ahead. The soon to be college student will receive direct contact with a personally assigned Life Coach 1x per week for 4 weeks, tips and tricks on how to have a successful transition from home to college, and 1 check in session with their Life Coach upon transitioning into the college setting.

Full Immersion Package:

The Full Immersion Package is offered for college students who have moved out of their family home, and are preparing for full immersion into the college life. This QUEST Life Coaching package includes direct contact with personally assigned Life Coach 1x per week for the duration of the semester (15 weeks), a step by step guide on how to promote a stress free and smooth transition into the college experience and throughout the first semester and a copy of The Everything College Survival Book, a highly recommended read for new college students.

The Maintenance Package:

The Maintenance Package is offered for college students who have completed the Full Immersion Package, and are looking for continued support throughout their college experience: This QUEST Life Coaching Package includes once a month check-ins throughout the semester with personally assigned Life Coach, to discuss and resolve college related challenges as they arise. This package is provided per semester, but can be prorated if necessary.



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